A Quarrel and New Dumas Novel

Speaking of Mark Sarvas (and his literary blog The Elegant Variation): he points us to news of the immiment publication of a new Alexander Dumas novel. (Great news, since I am a fan of Dumas’ Count of Monte Cristo.)

A quarrel about who killed Admiral Nelson is
about to be revived with the first publication of the lost final novel
of Alexandre Dumas.The French marksman who shot the British commander at Trafalgar is the hero of Le Chevalier de Saint Hermine, a 900-page work that Dumas was turning out for serial publication in the months before his death in 1870. Dumas appears to have exploited uncertainty over the identity of
the marksmen to put his hero’s finger on the trigger. By weaving
historic fact with swashbuckling fiction, the author of The Three Musketeers was pursuing his life’s mission of bringing French history to the masses through fiction.


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