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Circus @ Don Hill

Dancers (left) and Valeze’s Tiffany Randol (right) performing at "Circus: Night of the Living Dead" at Don Hill, NYC.

Waiting (photo)

National Sun-Yet Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Jewelry by Yau

My friend Yau designs gorgeous jewelry pieces.

Author Photos

Readers of this blog know that two subjects dearest to my heart are writing and photography, so it should be no surprise that I enjoy looking at photographs of writers. One of my favorite such books is Author Photo by Marion Ettlinger.  I have also been absorbing Southern Writers, a book put together by photographer David Spielman and William Starr (I knew Starr’s daughter back in high school). It was mildly surprising to see a fair number of South Carolinians profiled in the book, except that Starr has been the longtime book editor of my hometown paper in Columbia, SC.

Spielman says he wanted to "show writers ‘at home’–in their houses or neighborhoods, at signings or book festivals, and most of all, in their own work spaces pictured exactly as the authors themselves find them each time they come to take up the writing process." Spielman used a combination of available light and portable, battery operated strobes.

Who is Miss Snark?

Author Richard Lewis claims he has discovered the identity of "Miss Snark," who writes anonymously about the travail of being a literary agent. Skeptics on Zoetrope are pointing out that Miss Snark often throws out red herrings to get such would-be sleuths off her trail.

Eye (photo)

Downtown Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The Coast of Akron

Felicia Sullivan interviews Esquire fiction editor Adrienne Miller about her novel The Coast of Akron. Reviews of the novel by the Village Voice and