Daily Nightly

Fascinating read to see NBC’s broadcast journalists writing on a blog called "The NBC Daily Nightly." Anchorman Brian Williams is one of the regular contributors providing additional coverage on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We have been used to seeing print journalists become talking heads on programs like the Sunday morning talk shows. Interesting to now see our better known broadcast journalists become print journalists. Cyberjournalist quote’s New York Times commentary ("An Anchor by Evening, a Blogger Any Time") on how Williams uses the blog to critique his network’s reportage.

One is the light he periodically sheds, in real time, on deliberations
among his "NBC Nightly News" colleagues, including their disagreements
on the evolving lineup of that night’s newscast. The other is the
criticism he occasionally levels at himself and the program when he
feels either has come up short.

But Cyberjournalist also points out how (relatively) little traffic the blog still gets.


One response to “Daily Nightly

  1. Only 27,000 hits a week? Can it really be called a blog??

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