Monthly Archives: January 2023

Hello World!

This blog has been dormant for too long! I would write a more composed entry and keep editing this until I had something more polished, but then I would never get it written… So here goes…

Why is it that whenever I am looking to be more productive, my first instinct is to buy a new tool or device to help me? That said, the best tool is the one on hand, and this year I plan to be much better at keeping things within reach.


Journal / Index Cards. (I need a good index card wallet. When I was younger, I coveted the Levenger model. I have an inexpensive, faux leather one that I found years ago on Amazon.)

Cell Phone / Tablet and External Keyboard and / or Laptop. (I have been binge watching device repair videos and I have revived an old Dell XPS 13 and a Mid-2012 MacBook Air).

Reading Material (Kindle App). Hardcopy book? Hemingway supposedly always keep a paperback in his pocket. His A Moveable Feast would be a good (re)read and one to have on hand…


Camera / Cell Phone / Pocket Camera. Seeing all the many articles about the death of single-lens reflex cameras, I am alarmed by how many I still own. Like everyone, I almost always have my cell phone on me, but though cell phone cameras have become more responsive and better through their AI engines, I still find them slow. Would love a Fuji X100 because I would like to have a good fixed lens pocket camera, but the latest version, the Fuji X100V, seems to be hard to find in inventory and who wants to spend more than $1,000 when surely there must be a perfectly good earlier version that I can find secondhand?