Think Tank Rollercase

I wanted to find a rollercase that I could drag around town with me on the occasional photo shoot. Ideally, it would fit in the overhead bin of an airplane. To top it off, I also wanted to find something to secure the majority of my equipment for when nosy visitors came to my small Manhattan apartment. I think I found a bag that accomplishes each of those tasks for me.

Your first impression of Thinktank’s Airport Security bag is that it is both well-designed and well-made. The case has a structure that seems sturdy enough to ward off bumps and bruises. It has robust zippers and roller wheels (though the case would have been even better with 360 degree wheels). Two shoulder straps can be pulled out for those times when you are unable to conveniently roll the case. Combination locks secure the case from casual thieves.

Like many modern cases, the rollercase unzips so that you can quickly show its contents to airport security or anyone else who might want to inspect it. In the event that you have to leave it momentarily or are required to leave it behind in a cloakroom or pressroom, there is a “secret” compartment in the bottom with an attached cable that you can secure to a rail (or anything else that might be bolted down). I am not sure if the case will fit a kitchen sink, but I am able to fit a lot of my equipment into it: a Nikon “prosumer” digital single lens reflex (SLR) camera, an older model “professional” digital SLR, four prime lenses, a medium format camera, speedlights and a rangefinder. The cameras and lenses are separated with detachable, padded velcro dividers. There is also a deep well in the center in which you can place a large telephoto lens, tripod or light stand(s).


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