Lightstalkers on Flickr

A few members of Lightstalkers, the photography collective, have been posting photographs in this Flickr photo pool. It has given me an opportunity to learn the work of photographers such as David Paul Carr, Brian David Stevens, Quique Kierszenbaum, Daniel Cuthbert and Nicola Okin Frioli.

Didi Gilson, Greg Dale, Tyler Freeman Smith, Eric Lacson, Sports Photog, Kenneth Armstrong, Andrew Stanbridge, Fabien Penso.

Velibor Bozovic has kindly linked to this blog.


2 responses to “Lightstalkers on Flickr

  1. To be included in that list makes my day, thanks Wayne.

    The LS Flickr group is really coming along. I know we have the LS board itself, but it’s good to see what everyone is upto on a daily basis and your right, you get to learn from everyone else’s vast experience.

  2. Thanks Wayne for including my link.
    Only, I provided link to your blog not because you belong to LS world but rather because this blog is one of the best and most resourceful photography blogs out there… keep it up.

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