Thomas Abercrombie: A Geographic Life

I finally received my copy of the August 2006 issue of National Geographic, which has a tribute, written by Don Belt, to writer / photographer Tom Abercrombie. The Geographic’s web site has a photo gallery.

I love this story that Bob Dale recounts about Abercrombie.

Some time ago, while flying with Joe Judge and a bush pilot to a remote part of Alaska, we came to a mountain range enshrouded in clouds. We circled for a while waiting for the clouds to lift when I noticed a small cabin on a lake below us. Smoke was coming from the chimney. I suggested we land to kill some time and find out who lived there. As our seaplane taxied towards the cabin, an old-timer stood on shore and beckoned us to come in. He was the perfect stereotype of an Alaskan homesteader or trapper. I mean – this was really wilderness. Outside his cabin in the trees was a large cache where he kept his supplies. I thought, Wow! What a find! He invited us inside and he had coffee and a bowl of freshly baked cookies waiting – as though he were expecting us. I wondered to myself if he ever heard of National Geographic. Finally, I could not contain myself and asked him if he ever heard of the Geographic. He replied, “Heck yes, how’s my good friend Tom Abercrombie?”

More links in this April entry I posted to note Abercrombie’s passing.

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