Unconscious Photographers

“There’s no book but what’s full of photography. James Joyce is. Henry James is. That’s a pet subject of mine—how those men are unconscious photographers.”
— Walker Evans

One response to “Unconscious Photographers

  1. Except…these authors are CONSCIOUS, very purposeful photographers. If our entire society somehow went up in flames and Finnegans Wake survived, all the fragments of the last 2000 years would remain within that book. The best authors strive to create as vivid and dynamic pictures possible in the minds of their readers. Photographers! Stream-of-consciousness photographers. And I suppose you could call Joyce an “unconscious photographer” since he wrote the stream-of-dreams, the stream-of-unconsciousness, Finny Wake. Brilliant. Maybe that’s what Mr. Evans meant. Sorry – I just accidentally stumbled onto this page while searching for something completely unrelated and lame. But Joyce is my hero and lover. So I had to say something. 😀

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