Charles Frazier’s Follow-Up

The New York Times says that Random House is confident about the follow-up to Charles Frazier's novel Cold Mountain.

The publishing industry is likely to watch the progress of Mr. Frazier's new book closely because at the time he signed the deal four years ago, his [$8 million] advance was considered extraordinary for a literary writer who had only written one previous book, although it was a huge best seller. With just a one-page outline of the planned work, he sold the second novel in an auction, and in so doing left behind the editor, Elisabeth Schmitz of Grove/Atlantic, who had discovered and nurtured him to success.


The new novel, like "Cold Mountain," takes place in the 19th-century American South and is the story of a young white man raised by Cherokee Indians who ends up representing them in Washington in their fight to preserve their land. According to Random House's fall catalog, which goes out to booksellers this week, the new novel, "Thirteen Moons," is also, like "Cold Mountain," an epic love story.


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