Poor Wayne’s Leica

This weekend, I was without my Nikon D1, which I use as my backup camera. Picked it up today, along with my Canon Canonet GIII QL, which I finally had repaired. The Canon GIII has been called the “poor woman’s Leica (by Karen Nakamura),” and it has a fast 40mm/f.17 lens. It’s nice to keep a Canonet around, since it is the kind of camera that I remember my father using when I was growing up. Should be fun taking it around town to test the solidity of the repairs. Wein cell batteries are available to replace the now banned mercury batteries that the camera used to use.

Kyle Cassidy compares his Canonet to a Leica M6: well, at least the Canon truly is less expensive. Stephen Gandy seems to like his Canonet: “The viewfinder is large, bright and very usable, though admittedly not up to Leica M standards. It’s a very smooth operating camera, a pleasure to use.” Scott Young finds a lot to love about the camera.

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