The Audio Photographer

Photojournalist Martin Shakeshaft has gathered a number of interesting links on why photographers should also be capturing audio as a form of captions on steroids.

MSNBC: Gathering Audio to Go with Your Pictures:

Sound brings pictures to life in a way that captions alone cannot. Pictures allow you to see what you’d otherwise just be listening to in an audio-only piece. The marriage of pictures and sound offers the viewer a truly enveloping experience. It adds realism, texture and depth to your stories and it lets the people in your pictures speak for themselves. Audio also increases your chances of being published, as your story will be ready-made for a variety of mediums. For example, the audio portion may be used for a radio show, the stills can be moved to a Newspaper or a picture agency, and the two combined can be published on the Web or on television. Audio you gather in an interview with your subject can lead you to make pictures you never would have made because you wouldn’t have had the information.  In short, gathering sound makes you a better journalist.

The Digital Journalist: Made for the Medium: Photojournalism at

Mediastorm: Gathering Audio. notes that a number of National Public Radio correspondents use mini-disc devices for their reportage.


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