North to South

Wrap Up: Back in southern Taiwan after a trip to Taipei for my brother’s wedding. Good to see Lance Armstrong with a strong lead after putting on a devastating attack in the tenth stage of the Tour de France. The Guardian describes the attack well.

At eight miles to go
came the coup de grace: Armstrong gestured to his Ukrainian team-mate
Yaroslav Popovych and saw off Alexandr Vinokourov, Jan Ullrich and
Andreas Klöden all at once. T-Mobile’s trio de choc looked suitably
shocked. To underline his physical superiority, like a boxer whistling at the
count, Armstrong immediately began to perform stretching exercises on
the bike […]

With my family personally battling cancer, Lance’s performance becomes even more poignant to me.

One of my favorite photography bloggers Stacy Oborn is back after a hiatus with an entry about Miwa Yanagi. Maury Gortenmiller, Won Ha, Michael Turton, Naruwangirl, Dan Suit are among those who have added links to this blog (thanks!).


2 responses to “North to South

  1. I am too enjoying the Tour de France… although, I kept getting distracted by the lovely French countryside and the chateaux. =D If only Taiwan were as diligent about environmental preservation as the French are… Alas, dare to dream. Enjoy the weekend (and Le Tour)!

  2. No problem – very happy to have found your blog. It’s always exciting to come across something intelligent on the internet 🙂


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