Dear Blog

The New York Times describes how writers John Battelle, Aaron Hamburger, Poppy Z. Brite, David Weinberger and Chris Anderson are using their blogs to help them write their nonfiction books and novels.

Instead of simply being a relief from writerly solitude, these blogs
have turned into part of the process. Mr. Battelle said that he was
surprised by the number of people who read his journal and offered
feedback, correcting mistakes, making suggestions of people to
interview or articles to read and contributing ideas that are finding
their way into his finished manuscript. Authors’ blogs also
change the solitary mission of writing into something more closely
resembling open-source software. Mistakes are corrected before they are
eternalized in printed pages, and readers can take satisfaction that
they contributed to a book’s creation. The blogs can also confer some
authority: Aside from drawing on the collective intelligence of its
readers, Mr. Battelle’s site has become a compendium of Google- and
search-related issues.


One response to “Dear Blog

  1. Hi Wayne,
    Interesting perspective on blogs. I would worry about ideas being stolen with the posting at large. What about privacy too? I guess that’s beside the point of blogging. I keep thinking about blogging, but stop with the realization that I don’t want the whole world knowing my inner thoughts. It’s ok with friends and in isolated discussions like at Zoe, but what about all the web crazies…why do they need to know that I might have a good day or a bad day.


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