Camera 2.0

Joerg Colberg is worried that the move to digital photography means that camera manufacturers now have us on an upgrade treadmill.

Another "nice" side effect of digital photography is that computer
companies tend to "upgrade" their software and hardware so you’ll have
to keep buying new stuff. For film cameras, this effect did exist to
some extent – as geeks went nuts over which lens was really sharpest –
but digital will easily take the cake. We will witness how digital
photography will be like using a computer – you just have to buy a new
one every two years if you want to benefit from advances being made.
And make no mistake, companies will introduce enough "improvements"
that will make you buy new stuff (incl. slight changes in image formats
that will result in incompatibilities). As I said I have been using
computers for 20 years now,and it still baffles me how the vast
majority of people doesn’t appear to mind being bamboozled into this
constant "upgrading".


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