Disposable Digital Camcorders

Drugstore chain CVS began selling disposable digital camcorders earlier this week, according to Reuters. Not surprisingly,  people have already started hacking them.

The camcorder program sounds similar to CVS’ program for its disposable digital still cameras, which The Washington Post profiles.

Experience with film throwaway models may tempt you to call these
cameras, made by Pure Digital Technologies, disposables, but
technically they’re rentals. You can’t get your digital pictures
"developed" anywhere and instead must return the camera to the store,
which will transfer your photos to a data CD while you wait. The store
keeps the camera.

Some of the hacks of the still camera include making them reusable, adding USB connections
and adding storage. Maushammer.com describes some of the hacks of the Dakota camera from Ritz Camera. Engadget in the past has noted how cell phone cameras have hurt sales of disposable film cameras, but The Washington Post notes some of the creative uses that people are getting out of the digital still cameras, like attaching them to kites.

Publisher Jossey-Bass is coming out with a book called Hacking Digital Cameras this Fall.

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2 responses to “Disposable Digital Camcorders

  1. thanks for the info

  2. The book is out!

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