Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Hearing that my favorite way of having coffee is Vietnamese style, my friend Janice Shih brought back some chicory coffee from Louisiana. Vietnamese coffee is made by taking espresso that has been brewed from a blend of coffee and chicory, and dripping it into condensed milk. (Craig Haller has a nice tutorial.) I like it best as iced coffee. Yes, I know it is fattening, but so are a lot of the other good things in life: European-style cafe creme (better Swiss style, with a little piece of chocolate on the saucer), even Starbucks Frappuccino (delectable, unlike most of the overly expensive, overly scorched other products they serve).


One response to “Vietnamese Iced Coffee

  1. You want to go to Vienna and have one of their Melanges there. Or have a Cafe au Lait in France. Or something like a Latte Macchiato in Italy. Last time I was in Italy I got the Latte Macchiato as a do-it-yourself kit: A glas of hot milk and coffee in a tiny carafe. It was so delicious I almost didn’t want to leave again. When you then go back to Starbucks – which I don’t do any longer – you can only weep.

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