The London Tube by Pinhole

Rob Gardiner has been putting together several interesting photographic series by walking the streets above different London Underground lines. Even better, he has been taking his photographs with a pinhole camera. Here, he talks about covering the Circle Line from Moorgate to Tower Hill.

On the tube it ordinarily it takes a little over an hour. I’ll be doing it on foot, taking slow pinhole photographs, between two stations at a time, so figure that it may take 26 days spread over several months. […] I start my journey at Barbican, aiming for Moorgate several hundred yards
away. As I’m taking my first photograph a couple stops to chat about
the strange contraption that I use to take these photos. […] Using a pinhole camera is a slow affair. This exposure is a good 15 minutes. Several hundred cars pass, leaving no trace on the film.
People pass and stare. Every 60 seconds or so I feel the rumble under
my feet of a train passing.


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