New York through a Welta Garant (photos)

I have been putting my Welta Garant through its paces, mostly Ilford XP-2 on New York cityscapes. Using a pre-war camera like the Garant seems to be both good training and a lot of fun. Jurgen Kreckel, who sold me the camera, has been great at responding to
my questions, but there isn’t an English-language manual—and
forget finding Garant-specific information on the Internet (though is a great general site on medium format cameras). Things we take for granted on our modern cameras (autofocus, a light meter, easy to use focus) don’t come on the Garant; I am having to rely primarily on depth of field.  Still struggling with basics like how to properly close this folding camera!  Maybe I need to trade this in for a twin lens reflex…

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2 responses to “New York through a Welta Garant (photos)

  1. Hi,

    I just got a Welta Garant…I think. It’s hard to read the script on the top of camera. Does yours have a finder marked 6×9 and 4.5×6 ?

    Does it have two film windows on the back?

    Mine has a Compur shutter and a Trinar 3.8/10.5 cm lens.

    Speeds to 250.

    Nice Welta Logo on the inside baseplate.

    Does this sound like yours?

    Rick Zolla
    Costa Mesa Ca.

  2. hi i have a garant welta compur orighional case wth all parts and auto nips .Dont know much about cameras but it is quality

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