The Insularity of American Bloggers

Rebecca MacKinnon of Global Voices wonders why "the American blogosphere actually talks about less of the world than the mainstream media does."

Why don’t American bloggers link very much to bloggers around the world? People in the room suggested there are 2 main reasons: One reason is that they don’t know where to find the good blogs from other countries – unless Instapundit or somebody has linked to them. Another reason is that people don’t have enough context or knowledge about events going on in foreign countries to blog about them.

Rebecca proposes one solution.

The Global Voices project, with our Index and Aggregator, is trying to provide a solution to the first problem. The other problem has to do with lack of context. How do you get people linking to fascinating posts on Armenian or Bahraini blogs when they have no context about the situations in Armenia and Bahrain? This is more difficult and there are no clear solutions. One idea that came up in the session would be for bloggers who blog for global audiences to provide links on their sites where people can go for more information about their country – and recent news about their country. The GV wiki should probably do a better job in providing links to reliable contextual information.

Some months ago, I similarly asked "why linguistic and cultural barriers exist around still imagery, when" [it seems] it would be a more easily translatable medium."  (See "Translating Photography," Parts I, II and III.) Maybe it is time for an art-related, global voices project too?


3 responses to “The Insularity of American Bloggers

  1. Wayne,

    Who gives a fuck what the rest of the world thinks? If they had anything important to say, they’d say it in American.


  2. Okay, but does the “lack of context” then apply to non-Americans? Why do Americans get off on the “lack of context” excuse when the rest of the world is (at least somewhat) interested in what goes on in another countries, context or no?

    Okay, no easy solution… But first of all, the problem needs to be more clearly stated. Why is America so insular? And then I guess you could further ask: is it really a problem, and if so why/what it leads to.

  3. Oh, and just for the hell of it, this is an Egyptian blog I read.

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