A Pocketful of Film

In a SportsShooter.com column, Robert Hanashiro asks: "Don’t you miss the days when we went to a game with just a Nikkormat, a 105 and a pocketful of Tri-X?" As an amateur photographer, that’s the way I felt this past week covering the NIT finals and semi-finals for a University of South Carolina (USC)  fanzine. The last time I covered college basketball was more than 15 years ago, when I only had a 50mm lens and Tri-X; standing next to the Sports Illustrated photographer and his long lenses gave me a chuckle. I also remember being on the floor when a brawl broke out between Louisville and USC.

My equipment was not far better this week, especially during Tuesday’s semi-finals game (although I have finally turned digital). It is good to work on assignments where the lighting conditions are more challenging. I learned my lesson and had a "faster" lens for Thursday’s finals, where I got to see my alma mater take home its first banner in many years.

Look for Robert’s photo series of the Utah State women’s basketball team for USA Today.

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