Best Photo Hosting Site

Readers of this blog know that I have been debating which photo hosting sites deserved my subscription dollars. I finally decided to buy a subscription to pBase ($23 per year for
200MB), primarily because pBase allows me to (i) create subsets (for instance, I am able to create separate subfolders for "Positano" and "Pompei" within my "Italy" folder), (ii) create
password(s) for each of my set(s)/subset(s) and (iii) batch upload my images within a zip file. I also like the way pBase has a camera
database that arranges images by camera model.

I am also considering a subscription to Flickr (about $42 per year to upload up to
1 gigabytes per month but with unlimited storage space). Flickr does not yet have subset or password functionality (which is why I gave the first nod to pBase), but I like the way (i) Flickr protects images from unauthorized downloading (yes, I know it is
not that big a deal for someone like me who does not shoot great
images–who would want to steal my photos, afterall–but it gives me
comfort), (ii) Flickr’s "organizer" make arranging photos within its portfolio easy. Flickr was just
bought by Yahoo, so it is not going to disappear any time soon.
might be worth supporting ($25 per year), because it has so many great tutorials and articles (written by both professionals and serious amateurs), including this one about concert photography. Also, many of the users are highly serious photographers and enthusiasts. An email inquiry I sent went unanswered, though, so I am going to hold off on for now.

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3 responses to “Best Photo Hosting Site

  1. Well, our site offers a free service for a limited time. I guess it is worth a try.

  2. Well 2 years later from this post Flickr is still alive and kicking probably even more established and recognized than before.

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