Discovering Nanfang Ao (Photographer Shen Chao-Liang)

I was in an Eslite bookstore in downtown Kaohsiung yesterday afternoon, when I came across Shen Chao-Liang’s (沈昭良) Discovering Nanfang Ao, a collection of photographs about the fishing port near Ilan, Taiwan.

"Shen’s Nan-Fang-Ao is not just a picturesque harbor, the pavement is
bathed in the blood of a whale shark being cut open, the plastic mac of
the fisherman holding up a tuna is smeared in fish scales, the years
are etched into the ladies praying," said Jules Quartly in The Taipei Times, singling out some of the images, including Shen’s Cutting Up a Tiger Shark. Much of the collection (more than 40 images) appears on His photoessay "Here’s Looking at You, Babe," where he documents the birth of the child of his friends Fuyi and Lina, appeared online  on Sinorama.

Shen is a Tainan, Taiwan-born photographer, who studied at the World College of Journalism
and Communications (majoring in Film), and from the Department of Visual
Arts at Nippon Engineering College (Japan).

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