Assiduous Networking

I was fortunate to have fellow Zoer Jessica Lipnack share her thoughts with me about a recent conference on social networking. Jessica is CEO of NetAge, a Boston
consulting firm, and co-author with Jeff Stamps of many books, including
Virtual Teams and The Age of the Network. (And, I might add, a generous person, who has given me advice on how to gestate a nonfiction book idea on which I am working.) She told me one presenter called bloggers "assiduous networkers." I also like what Jessica shared about the conference’s last speaker, independent consultant  Bill Ives.

The last guy is a dedicated blogger, who wins us over with his opening confession. He’s seriously technologically inept, as in he doesn’t know how to retrieve his voicemail on his landline. But he knows blogs. What do blogs bring organisations? He’s interviewed people in
business, NGOs [non-governmental organizations] large and small, entrepreneurs, individuals, and has found that
everyone says the same thing: When I need to know something, I don’t go to the
enterprise KM [knowledge management] system. I go to the smartest person I know. And those people are
blogging all over organisations.

He gets my best-of-show award for this single comment: his blog is
his “personal knowledge management system.” He begins with a simple post, to
which he can add links to documents, to other URLS, to discussions, to anything,
all in context, dated, and easy to search. (He’s designed his feeds from other
blogs to bypass Outlook and go directly into his blog.)

He mentions that the “Forrester analysts,” those fine folks at
MIT who brought us system dynamics modelling, have started blogs, that in
Kenya, there are group blogs; and, since it’s January, there are blogs for the
rest of us, “mind over platter” and “thinking thin."

During the week, he blogs about Portals and KM; on the
weekends, it’s art and cooking. The last words in the handout, his, are a
variation on the greeting card that our old friend from Digital showed this
morning: “You are who links to you,” the caption on the network map of his


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  1. It’s been a few years … imagine my surprise at seeing “Wayne E. Yang” in an Ito blog … drop me a note dario dot duran at


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