Photo Sketching

Even as I try to get the consistency of my photography up on a frame by frame basis, I find myself shooting much more. At times, it almost feels like I am shooting indiscriminately, but I found this FAQ on the National Geographic site that suggests that prodigiousness might not be all bad.

How much film is shot on an assignment?

number of rolls (usually 36 exposures each) ranges from 300 or 400 to
more than 1000 for complex stories. While this seems high, you must
remember that professional photographers “sketch” with the camera, much
like writers probe with questions to get at the essential information.
They explore subjects visually by shooting many sides of a subject in
many ways. It is usually the combination of enough time in the field
and enough film exposed that provides the depth that has become the
hallmark of our coverages.

Along those lines, Eamon Hickey once reported that 11 Sports Illustrated ("Sports Illustrated’s Digital Workflow," Digital Photography Insights, 3/16/04) generated 16,183 digital pictures over the course of about six hours during a Super Bowl.  The DPI article gives an excellent overview of how a magazine like SI  captures and manages digital imagery these days.


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