Picasa This

David Pogue of The New York Times reviews new versions of two popular photo organizing / editing software packages: Google’s Picasa 2 and  Apple’s iPhoto 5.

Picasa 2, on the other hand, is completely free. Not free as in
"time-limited tryout," not free as in "ads in the margins," not free as
in "you will be assimilated into our mailing list," but really, truly,
no-strings-attached free. You can download it right now from www.picasa.com.
(So how does Google plan to make money from Picasa, whose pre-Google
version cost $30? The company says that will come later. Google does
promise, however, not to get everybody hooked on Picasa and then turn
around and start charging or taking away features.)

The programs also give you the capability to produce your own coffee table books. Egocasting, anyone?

IPhoto 5, on the other hand, expands what was already a blockbuster feature: the ability to design and order a gorgeous, hardbound coffee-table gift book with just a couple of clicks ($30 for 20 pages). You can now specify double-sided pages, softcover books and a choice of three booklet sizes. For example, the little wallet-size booklets (3.5 by 2.6 inches; $12 for a matching set of three) are fun to carry around, hand out as party favors or drop in the mail. (Picasa offers no such built-in feature. It does, however, let you upload your photos to Shutterfly, a Web site that offers similar, though more limited, book options.)


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