Blink and See the Wisdom of Crowds

Ross Mayfield points us to an article that appeared last week in Slate: a conversation" between Malcolm Gladwell and James Surowiecki.

Gladwell about his book Blink,
which posits that snap decisions are better than carefully considered
judgements.  Especially when made by experts who have developed a muscle memory of the brain.  […] Gladwell’s theories seemed to run counter to those of another popular book these days, The Wisdom of Crowds
by James Surowiecki, which holds that group decisions are better than
those of individual experts.  But not only are these two views
complimentary, Surowiecki and Gladwell are having an open conversation about it this week.

In his post, Ross goes on to talk about how emergent intelligence can be made more effective as the presence of strong (and weak) ties create connections that more closely resemble "muscle memory." (For those who are interested, Jeff Hawkin’s new book On Intelligence nicely summarizes a lot of current thought on the brain–and his thoughts on where artificial intelligence is headed.) That is a line of thought that I have been planning on further exploring when it comes to new media connections.


One response to “Blink and See the Wisdom of Crowds

  1. Hey Wayne, I like the wider width, it makes for a more interesting read. =)

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