NYT: Pay or Play?

Joi Ito reacts to the news that The New York Times is contemplating ways to charge its online readers.

Would people pay for the New York Times
online? Some. I wouldn’t. They have some great stuff and I read the
paper version of the IHT and the NYT when I’m offline, like on an
airplane, but there are so many free sources of information and ways to
get to information online that the incremental value added by the New
York Times on my news consumption habits wouldn’t be worth the hassle
and the price. I really believe there is great value in the brand and
the organization that is the New York Times, but I’m not sure what the
business model is. I’m sure the world is better off with The New York
Times, but how do they survive? People can make fun of bloggers, but
blogs are growing and the metrics show that The New York Times is not.
Is the New York Times the only "MSM" [mainstream media] doing poorly or is everyone in
I’ve said this before, but I believe there is a role for MSM and
that blogging is not a replacement, but rather something that can
support MSM by adding more voices, view points and feedback. On the
other hand, from a business model perspective, I’m not sure how
blogging can help MSM.


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