VC Blogs

Venture Capital Journal talks to various venture capitalists about what they get out of blogging.

The consensus among that group is that blogging represents a leap
forward for the venture profession. They say that venture blogs help to
shed light on some of the more arcane aspects of the industry, thus
providing entrepreneurs and others a rare glimpse into how things
really work. This, say VCs, is a very good thing because it demystifies
the profession by providing insights into everything from how deals are
structured, to what entrepreneurs should look for in a VC, to the finer
points of "exploding term sheets" and liquidation preferences. Beyond
that, VCs say posting their thoughts also helps with deal flow. That’s
because if you write a posting explaining what you like or don’t like
about, say, nanotechnology, there is a much higher likelihood of
gaining the attention of serious people in the space and actually being
introduced to some decent business plans.

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