Three Russian Writers

Michael Standaert has posted his transcript of an interview with Russian authors Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Ulanov, Yekaterina Olegovna Sadur and Dmitriy Vladimirovich Kuzmin.

Russian literature right now is in excellent condition. Of course we can write what we want, we have contact with world literature, we have no problems with our party or are government from one side. On the other side, literature became a private work of every man. Of course, I think many people now think about literature so seriously, like one hundred years ago. But to me this seems better to, because one hundred years ago, some writers tried to teach people how to live, and the end of it was very bad. So now I think we have stopped trying to teach people, we try to help them to see the world, to understand other people. I think that in democratic society literature is very important because society should be a society of individualities, and literature helps people to keep their individuality against mass culture, against TV and a lot of other things. –Ulanov

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