Quieting Today’s Ernie Pyles

Fred Schoeneman decries how the Army continues to shut down some military bloggers. Soldiers have written missives home from the battlefield since time immemorial, but the fact that their messages are now essentially real-time–and much more public–seems to make some of the military brass nervous.

I never had the chance to read the Army Physician’s blog, but I’m
sure it was mostly positive, a lot like Greyhawk’s. But what if it
wasn’t? Neither was Ernie Pyle‘s [the Pulitzer prize-winning war correspondent], all the time. But that made his
writing real. And lots of officers hated Mutt and Jeff [Willie and Joe?], the unshaven
dogfaces created by Bill Mauldin [the Pulitzer prize-winning cartoonist]. But someone had the cojones to let
him continue drawing for Stars & Stripes. These mibloggers are covering things from the front. They’re the
only journalists — yes, journalists — out there consistently filling
the role of Ernie Pyle, telling things like they are, reminding
Americans of the values they share with their citizen soldiers, and
what those soldiers are doing in their name.


2 responses to “Quieting Today’s Ernie Pyles

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  2. Wayne,

    Well, to be fair, it’s some Army commanders who’re doing this, not all. And they all appear to be in the Mosul region. Anyways, thanks for the link!


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