Forbes on Wikis

In another sign of the mainstreaming of wikis, Forbes profiles them in its article "Extreme Blogging."

So [Jimmy] Wales has recently started two for-profit
wiki companies. The first, Wikicities, lets users develop collaborative
communities around cities, schools or other interests, such as sports
teams, celebrities, etc. This is similar to Yahoo Groups (formerly
Geocities), MSN Groups and the new Google Groups. Like Yahoo’s Groups,
Wikicities’ revenue model is purely ad-based.

Wales’ other profit-seeking venture is Wikia, a wiki that works much like the Open Directory Project
or Yahoo’s directory categories. These operations aim to classify most
of the Web sites on the Internet and to steer you to them through
hierarchical categories. With Wikia, which is also advertising
supported, the organization and description of sites on the Web are
created by users. Everything can be edited except, of course, the ads.

The other big potential market for wikis is
enterprise or small company collaboration. If you’ve ever volleyed
attachments back and forth among officemates, you know that e-mail
isn’t the ideal collaboration tool. Wikis let businesses work with and
from the same set of information and the same set of files. This is
much like Web-based corporate intranets, only a lot more interactive.


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