Podcast This

Steve Rubel  of Micro Persuasion points to an article in The Christian Science Monitor about "podcasting."


The idea behind a podcast is simple, yet
brilliant. Instead of using portable MP3 players such as the iPod only
for listening to music, new software called iPodder allows one to
download prerecorded radio shows onto the devices. Though several radio stations have begun podcasting shows, the
medium’s most visible impact has been empowering DJs like Klass to
broadcast their own homemade radio shows with just a microphone, a
computer, and a dash of brio.

Steve also points out this BizReport article "On Local Sites, Everyone’s A Journalist" and how some investors are finding the commercial prospects of citizen journalism interesting.


Others are bullish on the business prospects for citizen journalism. Advocates say do-it-yourself Web news
supported by advertising is more viable today than in the 1990s — back
when Microsoft shuttered its Sidewalk network of entertainment guides and the rival
CitySearch network went deeply into the red. That’s because more people
are online, and they’re using faster connections and growing
increasingly comfortable posting their thoughts via forums, blogs and
other formats. The dream of local Web entrepreneurs is to reel in a new
generation of hyper-local advertisers — those dry cleaners and car
washes that rarely advertise in big, daily newspapers.


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