Focus on Flickr

Wired says that Flickr is "a hit with bloggers."

Andy Baio, author of the technology-oriented blog,,
acknowledges that Flickr is not the only service that allows
photographers to share their pictures with others. But he thinks that
unlike most other photo posting sites, Flickr makes sharing pictures
and participating in groups seamless.

The gallery view is better than most of the photo hosting sites I have tried so far. It is where I have uploaded a number of my photos, but I am not yet convinced I need to spend $60 a year ($41.77 if you sign up early) yet for all its features. PBase charges $23. An interesting alternative to consider is, a photo enthusiast site hosted by Philip Greenspun, where professionals and aficionados alike congregate to critique each other’s photos. "Heavy" users of the site pay $25 per year.


2 responses to “Focus on Flickr

  1. I have a flickr account as well, love some of the favorites I’ve found since joining:

    I tried flickr pro for a month, and though it was nice to have unlimited uploading bandwidth and essentially no limit on the quantity of photos, I couldn’t justify spending that much on a photo hosting site either. It is great, though, for photographers as I know many friends who “networked” successfully on the site.

    Overall, easy to use and I love the revolving galleries [e.g., I’m just sad I can’t use javascript on my main blog. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the suggestions–and for the links to your photos. I especially enjoyed the ones of the children playing in the fountain (I’m a fan of street style photos), though I think my favorite of your set is “Swirl.”

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