Blog Discovery

PRWeek interviews Steve Rubel, a VP at CooperKatz and writer of the Micropersuasion blog:

Q. Blogs have jumped from three million to five or six million in
a couple of months. Sooner or later, they’re going to get old. Then
what happens?

A. Every company pretty much has a
website. It is still important for them. Some companies spend
thousands, if not millions, on them every year. It’s still the face of
your company. Even though Google says there are 8 billion web pages out
there, websites are still important. I don’t think that they become
individually less important. Any blog can be discovered. I subscribe to
search feeds, and that’s how I sometimes find the greatest nugget.
Yesterday I found a guy that was giving a six-part course on how to
blog. I discovered him, and now he’s got traffic and more readers. The
social nature of blogs and how they can get discovered hides the
number. I do believe that every person who wants a blog will have one
at some point, but not everyone will have a blog.


2 responses to “Blog Discovery

  1. who is the lecturer that you speak of?

  2. Tracked it down, Tony. Steve is recommending How To Blog For Fun & Profit! by T. L. Pakii.

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