Back at Shakespeare’s Globe

My piece on London’s rebuilt Globe Theater is at E-Margaux.

Update 10/31/2005 – A lot of students seem to stumble onto this post while searching for a diagram of the Globe Theater. One here, another here and yet another here.

Update 4/28/2008 – Chermaine (below) points to the University of Victoria’s Internet Shakespeare Editions site, which has an image of the theater with pop-up labels.


31 responses to “Back at Shakespeare’s Globe

  1. I really need a LABELED diagram of Shakespears Globe Theatre for a school assignment. Pleas help me!!!!

  2. I need more labeled parts on th Globe Theater. The diagram that this had really didn’t have that much info. There is more to it.

  3. I really need a picture of the Globe Theater that includes labels and SOON as well, do you recomend any websites.

  4. isnt there any better diagrams?
    theres hardly any info and the funi thing is how so many ppl need
    the diagram so badly yet theres none available!

  5. i just need a labelled diagram of an elizabethan theatre

  6. i need a labelled diagram of the globe for an essay

  7. I need the Shakespeare’s Globe Theater diagram labeled with all the Main Entrance
    The Yard
    Entrances To Lower Gallery Middle Gallery
    The Stage
    The “hell”” under the stage
    The Stage Trap
    Stage Doors
    Gallery Above The Stage
    Back-Stage Area
    Dressing Room
    The “heavens”

    If you could get this to me by Sunday, i would be very grateful
    Thanx bye

  8. i need the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre diagram labeled for my homework. i need it labeled with:
    the tiring house
    the galleries
    the groundlings
    the trumpeter

    If i could have this by tuesday 11th i would be grateful
    fanx c u lata

  9. i need a diagram of Shakespear’s Globe Theatre by the 28th
    i need it labeld with EVERYTHING because i have to draw it and label
    it. if you can get that to me ASAP.
    Thank You so much.

  10. i need a labeled diagram of the globe theatre for a school project can you help

  11. At this website, you can find out the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre diagram with everything labelled already. So you simply click on say, whichever part and the box at the side will provide the information they have. Very useful, do check it out.

  12. it is absouloutley ****

  13. i need a diagram of the globe theatre for school and it needs to be labled



  15. Go to the above website and you’ll find a lot of what you need (if it’s not too late)

  16. I just need a labelled diagram of the globe theatre why is it so hard to find one?

  17. “chermaine” your site is awsome thank you thank you thankyou!

    for those of you who havent seen it here is the address

  18. go on to google images and type in globe theatre it really does work i had to do for my english homework and this is what i did and then on about the fourth page there was a diagram with numbers on it and it was labeled thats all i did

  19. thanx megan i’ve been looking for a labelled picture of the globe for agess! i looked on google images before but it didnt work


  20. help !!!

    I want toast!!!!!!

  21. Antidisestablishmentarianism

    I really need a labelled diagram of the globe theatre for wednesday so plz help. Thnx!

  22. Antidisestablishmentarianism

    I found this link so if anyone needs it…

  23. really needs help with a diagram please
    :The Main Entrance
    :The yard
    :Entrances to lowest and middle gallery
    :gentlemen’s rooms or lords rooms
    :the stage, the “hell” under the stage
    :the stage trap
    :stage doors
    :gallery above the stage
    :back stage area
    :dressing rooms
    :the “heavens”

    if you could get this done before sunday that would be a great help please

  24. I need a fully labelled diagram of the Globe Theatre by Tuesday. I no it is cutting it close but…

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