Red and Blue TV

Paul Farhi of The Washington Post wonders, where has all the red state television gone?

It is, rather, about place. For the past three
decades, network television has gradually eliminated depictions of
regions we’ve come to think of as "red": southern, midwestern,
mountainous, rural, exurban. Over the same period, TV shows have become
"bluer" — populated by people and stories set in locations identical
to those that voted Democratic on Nov. 2.

TV dramas and sitcoms for years have extolled
blue-city living, and marginalized, condescended to or simply ignored
just about everywhere else. Even the fact that TV shows are made in Los
Angeles and the business of network TV is conducted in a few square
blocks of Manhattan does not explain the blue-centric nature of
entertainment television.

And is Jessica Simpson the right choice to be the new Daisy Duke?

One response to “Red and Blue TV

  1. Not to veer from the main topic – red as portrayed by blue, but Jessica Simpson, IMHO, is an undeniably good choice to play Daisy Duke, although through a veil of blonde prejudice (or at least my own). It may be difficult for her to convey quite the level of street smart attitude that original brunette Daisy (the aesthetically gifted Catherine Bach) did.

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