Searchable Literary DNA

I have always though that reading writer and artist reviews was among the best ways of learning about art and craft. The Paris Review and Bomb magazine are two literary journals that regularly publish memorable interviews. I remember poring over The Paris Review’s Writers at Work series, the magazine’s hardback anthologies of its interviews, in the stacks of the Thomas Cooper Library. The fifth series, with its interviews of Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner, is my favorite.

USA Today and GregBlog  gives a heads up that The Paris Review is now making some of its old interviews available online in a feature the magazine is calling The DNA of Literature. The searchable database will eventually make more than 50 years of interviews available online for free.

Founder and former Editor George Plimpton dreamed of a day when
anyone—a struggling writer in Texas, an English teacher in Amsterdam,
even a subscriber in Central Asia—could easily access this vast
literary resource; with the establishment of this online archive that
day has finally come.

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