A Book of Poetry

The New York Times Book Review  asked a group of poets and critics one of those toughest of questions: "What book of poetry, published in the last 25 years, has meant the
most to you personally — the book you have found yourself returning to
again and again?"

Jim Harrison explained why he explores and goes back to explore certain poetry.

Now that I am older and am sliding into home base, I’ve become aware
that I’ve read some poetry nearly every day for the past 50 years for
basically nutritional reasons. It is a survival tactic, this soul food,
a need to assuage the sense of incomprehension that I have lived with
daily since I was a desperate and vulnerable boy. Just last week on a
French book tour when I felt like a stray dog struck by a car and
biting at its wounds in a ditch I stopped into a bookstore to fortify
myself with a few pages of Rimbaud and Rene Char.

The persons and their picks?

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