Watch that Tail

Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion says the "long tail of the blogosphere" is going to continue disrupting the way we think of media content.

As blogging becomes more popular, it is now easier for news consumers to find specific niche blog sites that adequately meet their information needs. […] In addition,  really simple syndication (RSS) is starting to move mainstream as a tool that empowers consumers to TiVo the Web and assimilate all the content they care about onto a single Web page. Yahoo!’s recent adoption of RSS content on its My Yahoo! customized page will drive blog readership and usage. […] Taken in all together, the result is that big media will increasingly adapt and embrace blogging in order to maintain their dominance.

Steve notes how media outlets are now "openly embracing bloggers — either by
buying them out entirely or by signing them to joint operating ventures
that include revenue sharing."

The media will turn themselves into blog-like online aggregators that link readers to all relevant content in their area of focus, whether it’s a blog or a news site. […] Media Web sites will morph into social sites, employing comments, trackbacks, RSS feeds and other blog-like structures in order to create community.


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